Vintage Collection | Vol. 4

An eclectic mix of collectables and one-of-a-kinds.



It all started for me when my husband and I took on our first renovation — our 1910 Victorian home. As we began to unveil old worn brick, strip down twelve-inch baseboards, and remove layers of wallpaper to discover old, cracking plaster, I realized something — I have a real thing for character.

When it came to designing our home, I simply brought in things from the past that tied in with both the existing and restored interiors of the home. I did not have a theme, trend, or design style, but I had a collected idea in mind and just kept running with it. And you know what, it works. 

Now, let’s talk about nostalgia. Why do I like integrating the old? You just can’t replicate the patina and charm that some pieces have. Something may look old and tattered on its own, but paired with something modern and new, it becomes magical. One of my favorite things to hear is that a piece brings back memories of the good ol’ days.

I’m here to remind you: these are the good ol’ days. 

I hope that you find this space as fun and inspiring as I have found it to be. I have curated a small collection of goods — both old and new — that I hope you, too, find fit perfectly in your own home in their own imperfect ways. 

Always do better. Always be kind. Always leave your mark wherever you go. 

Xx Katie Jones